We are a digital platform dedicated to disseminating reflections on contemporary circus as a language, producing news, reviews and interviews tackling various topics and personalities in the international professional circus sector. 

As a digital project, we started from the need to create a collective independent narrative dedicated to an interdisciplinary audience interested in circus culture.
As a communication partner, we support professional organisations, artists and companies in the curatorship of events and projects around Europe.

We hope to be a tool for collating encounters and experiences that reflect the field. We address a broader community that can interpret circus as an attitude of inter-relationship between human beings, objects, their mastery and the ongoing research towards them.

As a digital publication, we want to invigorate audiences by inventing new reflection formats, producing editorial materials to stimulate discussion around specific issues of interest, and participating in the activities of organisations supporting their promotion within the European ecosystem.

The editorial team consists of Valentina Barone - International Coordinator and Editor-in-chief. Kamilla Lucarelli - Art Director. Ruby Burgess - Editor, and several writers and contributors from academic research to circus journalism publishing from various countries, including Nick Verginis (Netherlands), Elena Stanciu (Denmark) Nick Zelle (United States), and Gaia Vimercati (Italy). Around About Circus is open to collaborations with authors to broaden the topics hosted and its thematic sections.

What do we do? 

• We write about festivals and shows, producing news, interviews, reviews

• We support events through social media partnerships and content production

• We help organisations curate discussion and reflection programmes 

• We moderate talks 

• We provide a masterclass on contemporary circus history and how to write circus reviews

• We lead an online/onsite workshop about how to structure your press communication for professionals in the performing arts sector.

Do you want to collaborate, submit a content proposal, connect and share ideas? Drop us an email at: info@aroundaboutcircus.com

We have already collaborated with

INCAm, Circuscentrum, Theater op de Markt, UP festival, CircusDanceFestival, Spoffin, Zirkus ON, Bùssola/ LEME, PeculiarFamiliesFestival,  Re Riga! Festival, circusnext, A Safe(r) Space for danger, Baltic Nordic Circus Network, Epicirq, Dynamo Magazine, Cirkus Syd.