Welcome to Around About Circus

Welcome to Around About Circus

A digital platform to explore contemporary circus in the performing arts

This digital project starts from the need of creating an independent narrative dedicated to an interdisciplinary audience interested in culture with a focus on the contemporary circus art form in the performing arts sector.

We create reports and conversations with authors, professionals and festivals to stimulate and promote the international European contemporary circus scene.

Around About Circus is based on a specific project need, the relational confrontation with the ecosystem of authors and places dedicated to the development of international contemporary circus.

Through interviews and reports, it aims to be a tool for gathering encounters and experiences that reflect the field. We address a broader community that can see the artistic language of circus as an attitude of inter-relationship between human beings, objects, their mastery and the ongoing research towards them.

The digital publication aims to build bridges and disseminate discourse on circus and performing arts internationally, across borders. The intent is to aggregate and produce materials necessary to meet the protagonists, report on in-person and online events throughout Europe, stimulate discussion around specific issues of interest, and revive and promote the activities of organisations present within the European ecosystem.

Around About Circus represents an interactive and aggregative mode that-also through its own structured and synergistic communication to events-supports the international scene.

For 2022-2023 Around About Circus is one of the selected projects of the BOUNCE mentoring program led by Circostrada, the European Network for contemporary circus and outdoor arts.