Fuori Asse Focus - At the edge of circus

Fuori Asse Focus - At the edge of circus
Fuori Asse 2023

Fuori Asse Focus 2023 - 27-29th January 2023, Milan, is a selection of four contemporary circus shows programmed by Quattrox4 within Triennale Milano Teatro accompanied by two critical meetings with the public.

Around About Circus will pay a visit at Fuori Asse Focus on Sunday 29th of January, attending the last day of shows and meetings with the artists.

The shows in the programme express a vision of circus as an art of creation, in transition between genres and styles, capable of going beyond virtuosity to open up new scenarios for performances between experimentation and hybrid site-specific forms, moving on the edge between dance and theatre.

The scheduled performances are WHITE OUT by Piergiorgio Milano, 2984 by Alessandro Maida, MAVARA by Chiara Marchese, and CROÛTE by Guillaume Martinet.